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Medical Study in Dagestan State Medical University Russia

Russia, being the world’s largest country has been proving its caliber in the field of medicine. The country is known to have the best medical colleges and universities in the world. Dagestan State Medical University is one of the top medical universities of Russia where students from many countries come every year to study MBBS and other medical courses. The university was established in the year 1932. DSMU is located in the Makhachkala city which is the capital of Dagestan Republic.
Dagestan State Medical University has contributed a lot in the development of culture medical sciences, higher medical education and health protection in Russia. DSMU has trained more than 25 thousand specialists, 100 doctors of sciences and 350 candidates of science so far. Many great scientists and specialists have graduated from the academy. Dagestan State Medical University had only one therapeutic faculty until 1965 and year after year the university grew with more faculties, staff and students.
Dagestan State Medical University

At present, there are around 5200 students studying MBBS, MD and other medical courses from Dagestan State Medical University. Out of this number, over 170 students are from 12 countries. DSMU provides both graduate and post graduate programs in medicine. Till now more than 27, 000 successful doctors have graduated from the University, including 700 foreign students from foreign countries. 
Dagestan State Medical Academy is known to be the best center of physical culture and sports in the country. The university not only emphasizes on studies but also on the extracurricular activities and sports. The academy is proud to have graduates who have actively participated in Olympics and other games. The graduates from DSMU who have gained fame in sports are Five-Times World Champion A. Aliev, the World Champion and Twice Champion of the Olympic Games M. Aratsilov, and over 40 Masters of Sports of the USSR and of the Russian Federation.
The academic staff of the Dagestan State Medical University has well-qualified professionals in the field of medicine. There are around 736 lecturers, 21 Doctors of Medicine, Professors, 429 Candidates of Science, 4 Meritorious Science Workers of the Russian Federation, 41 Meritorious Science Worker of the Republic of Dagestan, 24 Meritorious Doctors of the Russian Federation, 116 Meritorious Doctors of the Republic of Dagestan, 6 Doctors of the Republic of Dagestan, 5 Meritorious Workers of the Higher School of Russia, 15 Meritorious Inventors and Innovators of the Republic of Dagestan among the academic staff in the university. The scientists working in DSMU always take an active part in many international conferences, congresses and so on.
Faculties available in DSMU:
1. General Medicine
2. Pediatrics
3. Nursing
4. Pharmacy
Fields of Postgraduate programs in DSMU:
1. Medicine of urgent conditions
2. Therapy
3. Dermatology and Venerology
4. Infectious Diseases
5. Neurology
6. Pathological Anatomy
7. Psychiatry
8. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
9. Anaesthesiology
10. Traumatology and Orthopaedics
11. Ophthalmology
12. Urology
13. Surgery
14. Pediatrics
15. Childhood Gynaecology
16. Pediatric Infectious Diseases
17. Pediatric Surgery
18. Hygiene of Children and Teenagers
19. General Hygiene
20. Public Hygiene
21. Occupational Hygiene
22. Radiation Hygiene
23. Hygiene of Nutrition
24. Epidemiology
25. Therapeutic Dentistry
26. Pediatric Dentistry
27. Orthopaedics
28. Orthopaedic Dentistry
29. Surgical Dentistry
30. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
31. Anaesthesiology
32. Traumatology and Orthopaedics
33. Ophthalmology
34. Urology
35. Surgery
36. Pediatrics
37. Childhood Gynaecology
38. Pediatric Infectious Diseases
39. Pediatric Surgery
40. Hygiene of Children and Teenagers
41. General Hygiene
42. Public Hygiene
43. Occupational Hygiene
44. Radiation Hygiene
45. Hygiene of Nutrition
46. Epidemiology
47. Therapeutic Dentistry
48. Pediatric Dentistry
49. Orthopaedics
50. Orthopaedic Dentistry
51. Surgical Dentistry
Student Life:
Students studying MBBS in DSMU are provided with comfortable accommodation at a very affordable price. The rooms are designed with two or three persons sharing basis. Bathrooms and kitchens for students are offered on the sharing basis. The security in the hostels is well maintained with guards. The infrastructure of the hostels is up to date with heating and central air conditioning. 
The students are provided with many other facilities like gymnasium, planetarium, sports complex, internet, scientific library and laboratory.

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